The Glute Goddess Program will change your life.

Dominique created this program to help women get the glutes they’ve always wanted. Let’s be honest, we all want nice glutes. Most importantly, she wanted to make sure her clients had lasting results. Dominique developed a full mindset program that will help you connect with your WHY and let go of the past.

Before you start the program, you will participate in a breakthrough experience that will help you prepare for the weeks ahead. Once you complete the breakthrough experience, you will be given access to Phase 2 of the mindset exercises. In this phase, you will learn to let go of people, patterns, and energy that no longer serve you.

  • Breakthrough Experience: Connect with your Why and prepare for the 12 weeks ahead.

  • Fitness Assessment: Our team will review your recorded workouts and create a program based on your current experience level.

  • Workout Plan: Customized workout plans that will help you reach your goal.
  • Goddess Food Guide: Customized guidance for weekly meal plans. Our team will even review your food log and offer suggestions.

  • Weekly Check-in E-mail: Every week you will submit your weekly check-in form and our team will give you detailed recommendations for the week ahead.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls: This is the perfect time to ask questions and get the motivation you need to power through the rest of the week.

  • Mindset Exercises: Learn how to turn your pain into power and unleash your inner goddess.

  • Private Members Area: You can access everything you need for the Glute Goddess Fitness Program on the member dashboard. Submit your weekly progress pictures, watch your weekly workout videos, access the Goddess Food Guide, and so much more.



“Fall in love with the journey and the results will come.” – Dominique